Joto Curry × Towa no Tofu

Osaka-born, 40 years of excellence, with 48 popular stores across Japan. JOTO CURRY, known for its exquisite “Sweet and Spicy” flavor fusion, is now making its mark in Bangkok!

Experience a unique taste sensation where the initial mouthful bursts with the sweetness of vegetables and fruits, followed by a refreshing kick of spiciness. This addictive “Sweet and Spicy Curry” is anything but overwhelming, leaving you craving more.

JOTO CURRY achieved fame as the winner of the prestigious Curry Grand Prix, topping the votes of 40,000 people at the annual curry festival held in Tokyo’s Kanda district since 2011.

Now, the talk of the town is the innovative tofu creation by “Eternity Hope” from Hiroshima’s Itsukaichi. This new-genre tofu, handcrafted without using traditional coagulants like nigari, has captured Japan’s culinary scene with 50 affiliated stores established within six months. And now, the sensation is making its debut in Thailand. The result is an unparalleled rich and creamy tofu, impossible for anyone else to replicate.

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